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Image of Ruby in the Dust

Ruby in the Dust

Out of the dust appears a goddess-like higher being, far more advanced than us humans... with a message of some sort!
Rock photography taken in the Caribbean, blended with layers of illustrated graphics and patterns. Then screen printed one colour layer at a time in luscious warm colours.

hand made silkscreen print
paper Size 80 X 70 cm
image size: 67 x 63cm
7 hand printed colour layers... and finished with lino cut texture.
Limited Edition of only 8
Signed and numbered
sold unframed

Each one of this limited edition has a slightly different set of colours, but they are all bright and luscious, contrasting with the layers of grey dust and rock.
This print is made by hand using the process of silkscreen printing; each layer of colour is exposed on to an individual mesh screen, then hand-pulled and layered up one by one, to line up with the other colours, gradually forming the complete artwork. This process results in every print being slightly different, each print is unique!

All works copyright © La Shuks

Image of Ruby in the Dust
Image of Ruby in the Dust
Image of Ruby in the Dust
Image of Ruby in the Dust