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Image of Dawn Merger

Dawn Merger

You know when a tribe of swirly logo organisms have been hurtling through space for millions of years, and then suddenly, in an unlikely moment of chance, they collide with another brand of logo beasts going about their own business in outer space?
Well the resulting melange is quite an eyeful!
I've tried to capture it accurately here in this artwork...

Dawn Merger is a hand-made limited edition silkscreen print.
A blend of photography composition with vector graphics in luscious colours.
An ambitious print requiring extra creative planning to construct additional shades of colours, within the four colour layers!

Paper Size 76 X 76cm
Image Size 66 x 66cm
screen printed onto Somerset Satin 300gm paper
limited Edition of 30
signed and numbered
sold unframed

All works copyright © La Shuks
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Image of Dawn Merger
Image of Dawn Merger
Image of Dawn Merger
Image of Dawn Merger