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Atmospherica 3-D

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Atmospherica is a one-of-a-kind artwork featuring original photography embedded with illustrative patterns, then layered upon with 3-D geometric shapes formed from intricate paper constructions. These outwardly growing structures have been created from individually screen printed segments, each with it's own colours and design...


Handmade unique artwork by La Shuks.
73 X 73 cm
Framed in a bespoke hand painted wood frame.


The story within La Shuks art pieces:

La Shuks Story
Set deep in the distant future... Long after humans have ceased to be...
The Earth and surrounding planets have become overwhelmed with branding, advertising and logos. Swamped with all the packaging, symbols and instructions that had once been so important...
This evidence of human existence has remained... and over time, merged with nature. It has become engrained in the elements...
...and created an entirely new evolution.
New creatures have emerged on earth, and further still, tribes of logo organisms have become conscious... and even taken flight..


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The name La Shuks is derived from "Inukshuks", the stone landmarks used for centuries in the Arctic region of North America, to denote points of reference for navigation in the wilderness... the knowledge that someone has been here before. (As such, there's an Inukshuk hidden in each piece).


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